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Create lots of gesture shortcuts for your mobile


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LMT Launcher is a customization app that, despite what the name might suggest, is not actually a launcher. Instead of replacing your home screen and changing the general look of your device, like other launchers for Android, this app lets you use a completely customizable shortcuts launcher.

In the settings in LMT Launcher you can customize almost every aspect of the application. You can choose the exact location from which you want to activate your launcher: with a tap on the left side of the screen, the top right corner, the lower edge, etc.

And you'll find even more customization options when you go to set up your shortcuts. You can completely customize the circular pull-out menu, and add shortcuts for other apps, to take screenshots, to activate the search feature, to connect and disconnect the WiFi, and much more.

LMT Launcher is one of those apps that really make your life easier. After a week of using it regularly, you won't be able to remember how you ever lived without it.
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